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Fil Mjolk & Viili Dairy/Soy Culture Starter
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Fil Mjolk & Viili Dairy/Soy Culture Starter



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Fil mjolk is a cultured milk drink that has a clean and mild flavor, similar to cultured buttermilk. We like the taste of this one the best over the Kefir culture, which has more of a tart sharper taste. At breakfast buffets in Sweden, it is served from a large bowl with a ladle and is found for sale in every store that sells dairy products. Each culture becomes the starter for the next, then the next, etc. Any pasteurized milk from nonfat to half 'n half may be used. Viili is a cultured milk product with origins from Finland. This Viili starter came from Finland and is almost a century old and is still going strong! As with Fil Mj?lk, no special incubators or sterile jars are needed. Just put the starter into a clean bowl, add pasteurized milk (whole, low-fat, nonfat, half 'n half), mix and leave at moderate room temperature for about 24 hours until it "sets". Very easy to make and keep! PLEASE NOTE: While most cultures will arrive in good condition with USPS 2-4 Priority Mail, during the summer months, we can only guarantee these dairy cultures with USPS Express Mail or UPS 2-Day shipping or faster. Note: To maintain fresh and viable cultures, we will ship this culture pack out on Mondays or Tuesdays only. Liquid form is most viable, however, choose dry method for international addresses or shipment to hotter locations. Now you can enjoy an endless supply of these two wonderfull cultures, Fil Mjolk & Viili dairy cultures for one special price! Save $5 when you buy both! Ships out on Mondays and Tuesdays only. 5 to 7 day handling time for our cultured products


Try Both the Fil Mjolk & Viili Dairy Cultures for One Low Price

Fil Mjolk & Viili dairy cultures for one special price! Save $5 when you buy both!

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